On this site you can view more than 30 selected mood-lamps.

Naturally all our lamps have been tested and certified as safe by an electrician: they conform to the CE regulations (European Union certificate of safety and conformity) and are therefore in full working order. However, since the lamps are works of art, consisting partly of used material, I can issue no guarantee for their functionality or safety; nor can I issue guarantees that the electrical parts of my works of art are free of defects and safe to operate.

Many of my lamps had, before I discovered them, a long history which I do not want to gloss over. Any signs of wear that my lamps may have acquired in the past are to be seen not as defects, but as deliberate details of my artwork - and therefore no grounds of complaint.


Many Lights Fantastic lamps may be bought without a stand or base. The lampstands cost €60. So if you only buy the lampshade, it costs less.

Enjoy looking at the lamps!

Anna Schmidt

Please note !!!

I am planning a Lights-Fantastic room-installation in which groups of lamps will be displayed together. For this reason, as from now on all lamps which have not yet been sold are temporarily not for sale.

Es war einmal ein Irrlicht, das hatte sich verirrt und tanzte blass und ruhelos durch die Nacht. Da erbarmte sich seiner eine Fee. Sie gab ihm ein Kleid aus Feenstoff und setzte es auf einen festen Stab. So fand es endlich Ruhe und erstrahlt und leuchtet seither in irren Farben!