Lamps as from the 1001 nights...

Shades that conjure light in glowing colours and warm tones, creating moods of richness and mystery...

shining artworks...

delicate filigree structures of beads and organza...

compositions of lightbeams and fantasy...

lamps which mutate their appearance as light shines through them...

fantastical shining constructions of varied materials...

unusual standard, table, wall and pendant lamps, each one a unique work of art.

LightsFantastic is a collection of individual works of art. Each lamp has been designed and created by the artist Anna Schmidt in her studio in Soest, Germany. Old used lampshades are unconventionally re-worked into artistic light-creations and fascinating mood-lamps. Each lamp has a theme, and many of the lamps contain surprises – their appearance alters when they are switched on. LightsFantastic lamps are works of art which give their environment a special light... and a hint of artistic eccentricity.

Anna Schmidt

University-Degree in psychology; additional training as psychotherapist; worked as such in several institutions; for twenty years ran her own practice as psychotherapist.

Concurrently worked as an artist, specialising in collage and material pictures, and experiments with form, colour and light.

Various exhibitions in and around Soest, including in studio of Walter Jasper (Wadersloh), in the gallery of Liesborn Abbey, in Museum Wihelm Morgner.

Member of Soest District Art Society and Griffelkunstvereinigung.

Since 2006 full-time work as an artist.


1. How did you come to be an artist?

My parents were art-lovers, and they regularly took me to exhibitions when I was a child. My father and my uncle both painted as a form of relaxation, and for many years my mother practised ceramic modelling. My parents encouraged my artistic creativity, which already in my childhood was evident; and I also gained encouragement from art lessons at school. In critical phases of my youth and on my time as a student, I repeatedly found comfort and new confidence through artistic activities.


2. What inspires you? How do you find your subjects?

I find the work of other artists very inspiring. But also being on my own leads me to “strange ideas”. In problematic phases of my life I need creative artistic activities in order to find myself, and to acquire new clarity.


3. Where do your works of art develop?

In the world of my imagination.


4. How did you learn your artistic techniques?

I was self-taught.


5. What is the most important thing, for you personally, that someone has ever said or written about one of your artworks?

...that's fantastic!”

Creations by Schmidt reimagine the lamp shade” (Lori Waxman, Documenta 2012)


6. In 3 sentences: why do you create works of art?

Artistic creation is essential for my life, because it keeps me alive. I'm fascinated by light in all its variations and I need art to give this fascination a mode of expression. Creating artworks gives my creativity its release.


7. Which techniques do you prefer, and why?

I work with all techniques and all materials that seem appropriate for each project.


8. How long do you usually need for a work of art?

That depends entirely on the work.


9. Have particular people influenced your art?

My parents and all the many artists whose work I have encountered.


10. Who are your clients?

It is mostly young people who fall in love with my “crazy lights”. Often they recognise lamps from the years between the 40s and the 70s, which they have seen in their grandparents' houses – and they are fascinated by my creative re-interpretation of traditional forms.

Es war einmal ein Irrlicht, das hatte sich verirrt und tanzte blass und ruhelos durch die Nacht. Da erbarmte sich seiner eine Fee. Sie gab ihm ein Kleid aus Feenstoff und setzte es auf einen festen Stab. So fand es endlich Ruhe und erstrahlt und leuchtet seither in irren Farben!