Lights Fantastic visited dOKUMENTA(13) - Germany's foremost contemporary art exihibition - in 2013 and was presented to the art critic Lori Waxman - her commentary:


Anna Schmidt

A brief history of artistically designed lamps would have to include Isamu Noguchi’s paper- covered modernist orbs, Philippe Starck’s many postmodern witticisms, and the cute metal cow head that stood by my bedside when I was a teenager. Anna Schmidt’s “Funky Mary” glows somewhere in between them all. Originally just a floor lamp with a fussy wooden base and a cream silk shade trimmed in black velvet, the device was utterly transformed by Schmidt’s addition of organza and chicken wire. The shade became a swishy ladies’ skirt, complete with legs hanging below and a bustier-wearing torso above. Other creations by Schmidt reimagine the lamp shade with slightly less bawdiness but an equal understanding of its inherent possibilities. Magazine pages, hand-knit wool, painted fabric and variously deconstructed and reconstructed found shades abound; light is used both in its presence and in its absence; even the metal frame that holds it all together invisibly becomes a striking element. A perfect reading light these are not—but then, with the advent of e-readers, we no longer really need lamps just for lighting up the printed page.

—Lori Waxman 9/12/12 2:40 PM

Es war einmal ein Irrlicht, das hatte sich verirrt und tanzte blass und ruhelos durch die Nacht. Da erbarmte sich seiner eine Fee. Sie gab ihm ein Kleid aus Feenstoff und setzte es auf einen festen Stab. So fand es endlich Ruhe und erstrahlt und leuchtet seither in irren Farben!